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The final day of the tournament, the day of Uzbekistan's success
The final day of the tournament, the day of Uzbekistan's success

Date :30August

Weight :-90 Men

Women :-78 Women

Place : JCC Hall

Last day and all countries trying to take the medals, had a lot of upsets for TPE to reach finals of the -78 Women and Vietnam being able to achieve a medal, but in the -78 weight Cat many of the Top ranked athletes Lost which meant that Uzbekistan took the Gold Medal here.

Very Special Day for Kuwait on the -90 Taking its first ever Medal in Kurash at the Asian Games, where we witnessed the presence of Sheikh Ahmad President of OCA and his Deputies not only watching closely but also doing the awarding for the -90 kg.

-90 Kg was perhaps the weight that everybody for seen the champions , but being Kurash nothing is predictable and the Best Pahlevan of the Day will be the winner. Uzbekistan took its last gold in a UZBEK Vs UZBEK Final where the Favorite in this weight took the Silver Medal.

At the end All ITOs, NTOS, Volunteers took the group photo celebrating the well organized championships

international bokhara tornument for the prize
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