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IKA - TD / CAMPAIGN :Interview with Ms. Shamsiya Saidova General Secretary of Tajikistan Kurash Federation
IKA - TD / CAMPAIGN :Interview with Ms. Shamsiya Saidova General Secretary of Tajikistan Kurash Federation


Salam Aleikum,

  • My name is Shamsiya Saidova from Dushanbe Republic of Tajikistan (TJK).

Position: General Secretary of Kurash Federation                         

Chairperson of IKA Women in sport Committee.

  • My experience in sports: Kurash, Judo, Wrestling.

Activities of Kurash in Tajikistan very famous and popular, because Kurash look like as Tajik national wrestling “Gushtini Milli”. Kurash grow up day by day in Tajikistan, young athletes come to this sport more and more. All people of Tajikistan like and respect all kind of wrestling very much.


  • My Country is Tajikistan, I am leaving and working in Dushanbe Capital of Tajikistan.


  • Kurash Federation in Tajikistan working many years, but officially working from 2007 year,  when signed in Ministry Justice of Tajikistan, and Federation has Charter, Registration Certificate.


  • Kurash Federation of  Tajikistan working with the supports of Youth and Sports Committee under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and National Olympic Committee of Tajikistan.

President of  Federation  - Mr. Nosir Bozorov .

General Secretary – Ms. Shamsiya Saidova.

  • Our activities in 2019 Junior and Senior Kurash Championship of Tajikistan, and Training Camps, that after it our best athletes could participate in international Kurash Tournaments and Championships with the best results.


  • Uzbekistan, 2019 -  gold, silver and bronze medals,


  • Senior Kurash World Championships, Korea 2019 - bronze medal.


  • I am, personally interesting in management.


  • My vision for Kurash in my country to find kind sponsors and to open Kurash Sport Clubs, because our Federation hasn’t personal Sport Club of Kurash and our athletes using other sports wrestling clubs (Milli, Judo).  


  • Regarding Corona virus in Tajikistan I may say that now isolation period, more one month Federation and sport clubs are close, no official working and training. Very difficult period. But it will be not forever.

  • At last, I wish to all Kurash Family best health, pls keep safe your health, and I hope we all together in near future time will start our work again. I miss for my Kurash Family very much!


Thank you very much!

Thank you too Mr. Nassiri.







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